Combustion and Heat transfer system Experts

Research and Development capability

The products that we are currently bringing to the market are result of our expert  industrial research. The technologies we develop are indigenous to India. At present we have capabilities to prototype and to perform experimentational and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis. The test small scale and large scale test facility is located at the production facility at Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu. 
The staged combustion technology of the NK-series burners were developed out off two years of continuous improvisation. The proof of concept was first proved in a small scale technology demonstrator. Based on the experience gained from the demonstrator, further flow based analysis were performed using CFD. We dedicated 4000 hours of computation time to perfect the design of integrated secondary burner. The keen focus in the analysis was in mixing and combustion process.
Since the technology is developed indigenously, we have extensive in depth knowledge of the process that governs the performance of our burners. Thus in future if our client faces any issues, our experts can resolve it in no time and providing upgrades in future will be seamless.